The cabinets are designed according to specifications and standards

Designed to store petroleum gas in containers of safe materials and used to help manage fuel stocks with high efficiency. It is composed of two spherical parts representing the ends of the tank and a cylindrical part in the middle which is designed to withstand pressure up to 26 kg / cm (bar).

Safety valve for each tank.

Installation requires safety devices such as gas automatic shut off if not ignited for 30 seconds. Thus, the gas tank is 100% safe and does not fear it, God willing.


Our Services

  • Central gas filling.
  • Operating and Maintenance.
  • Installation of central gas networks.
  • Engineering design of gas schemes.

Why planning and implementation by a specialized institution

Al-Ahliyya Gas Company has precise and strict requirements at the site of reservoir installation. We are the accredited institution of the Saudi Civil Defense and the National Gas and Industrialization Company and we have highly qualified engineers and technicians specializing in the design and implementation of central gas networks