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Brand building and innovative training for hotel operation teams

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Marriott International was established by J. Willard and Alice Marriott in 1927. It’s a recognized and trusted provider of skilled hospitality experts who lead Marriott International’s hotels. Each year, they prepare hotels to deliver exceptional customer service and operational excellence on opening day and beyond.

“Since we started using QR codes, we’ve seen quite a few benefits! Beside it being a more COVID-friendly approach, the biggest win is time saving—not having to wait for a printer, manually building our training packets, or manually collecting and inputting evaluation responses.”

Josh Coy, Director of Hotel Openings at Marriott International

Brand building and innovative training for hotel operation teams

Reducing high-touch surface materials

Covid-19 took a toll on the hospitality industry, with stricter lockdowns and travel restrictions. But from the first warning signs, Marriott International took several steps to adapt and strengthen its business despite the tightening regulations. The shift provided them with a unique opportunity to innovate outdated processes established over five years ago and think of new ways they could do business. Processes that usually resulted in high-touch surfaces, which no longer complied with COVID-19 safety directives, were pushed aside, and they found the perfect tool to help them optimize their training programs and service.

Brand building and innovative training for hotel operation teams.

Contactless marketing with QR Codes

Once Marriott International started implementing QR Codes, they saw immediate benefits that went beyond abiding by COVID regulations. It provided them with the ability to create a better brand-building process and innovative ways to streamline information sharing and how they trained their hotel operation teams. Instead of handing out print materials, QR Codes allowed them to create a singular digital touchpoint for personnel to access performance evaluations or menus. This meant a stark reduction of high-touch surfaces, as individuals could access information on their own mobile devices in a contactless, COVID-friendly way. Needless to say, this change was a welcome one.

Saved time and money

Marriott International was able to save, on average, 30 minutes by automating survey responses and instantly sharing them with hotel leaders. Since QR Codes link directly to digital content from any offline marketing collateral, they no longer need to wait for informational materials to finish printing, manually assemble training packets, or collect and input evaluation responses. By optimizing this process, leaders receive information faster and are able to better adjust for the next day. They accomplish more in a shorter period of time and save a significant amount of their budget that would have been spent on print expenses.

Helped boost brand awareness

The customization features offered by the Dynamic URL QR Code made it easy for Marriott International to adapt each QR Code’s design to their logo and brand colors, which helps them maintain on-going brand image integrity.

Josh Coy, director of Hotel Openings at Marriott International, adds, “COVID-19 provided us with the opportunity to look at everything we do and challenge the norm. Previously, we would print and use paper materials, evaluations, and menus throughout our training courses, which ultimately resulted in a lot of high-touch surface materials. Not ideal in a pandemic. QR Code Generator Pro’s Dynamic QR Code gave us the ability to customize our Codes and update any attachment or link without changing the QR Code.”

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