How to Find a Marvel QR Code in Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk

Marvel Studios has planted a Marvel QR Code in some of the episodes of Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. These QR Codes are virtual pathways to free digital comics on the Marvel Unlimited website, home to over 30,000 online comic books.

But there’s a catch: the only way to unlock access to these digital copies floating around cyberspace is through one single portal QR Codes. The first time viewers spotted the infusion of QR Code technology in a Marvel series was the Moon Knight QR Code, which appeared in the series Moon Knight. Now, Marvel is hiding QR Codes in more of its shows, and we’re going to tell you all about them!

A word of caution: the spoilers ahead are explicit, so if you want to be part of the fun, catch up on the latest episodes streaming on Disney Plus — you won’t regret it.

Why using a Marvel QR Code is a brilliant strategy

Targets the right audience

You can’t go wrong with using QR Codes for media and entertainment. The television streaming service Disney Plus already attracts a global audience of 137.7 million international subscribers, and they expect that number to balloon in the future. 

With this platform already attracting a worldwide audience, combined with the loyalty of Marvel fans, using QR Codes as a lead magnet targets an already engaged audience. 

And while not all Disney Plus subscribers are die-hard Marvel fans, the incentive for watching these shows knowing that new comics are about to drop keeps viewers on their toes. 

The novelty of these shows, which for the record have never been made into a movie or series, gives special recognition to superheroes that have not been in the spotlight until now.

Fosters a deeper audience engagement

The mere fact that the audience gets more than what they signed up for, coupled with the thrilling discovery of finding little pixelated squares, builds anticipation and engagement week after week. 

Using gamification is (dare we say) kryptonite for younger audiences who are more easily persuaded to watch television when they have another device in hand — their smartphones. 

Implementing QR Codes in this way drives more engagement with audiences, leading to increased website traffic to the Marvel Universe website, a wider readership of digital comics, and ultimately a greater number of subscribers who need more than just free comics to get through the day.

Viewers already tuning into the Marvel series have been sharing it on social media, giddy to express their excitement to the world. As we have seen with a drone QR Code, using interactive measures to hook your audience boosts engagement.

Offers more insight into audience behavior

These QR Codes native to Bitly (yes they’re ours) are Dynamic QR Codes, meaning they’re trackable and measurable. The QR Code tracking feature allows you to analyze marketing metrics, giving you insight into the performance of the QR Code. 

Partnering with our QR Code Generator technology will show you how many viewers actually scanned the Code, the operating system they used, the number of total and unique scans, as well as their location and trends over time. All of this is included in a comprehensive, downloadable CSV report. 

Understanding user behavior can also gauge the audiences’ level of engagement throughout the series. Was your audience captivated enough by the story to scan the pixelated square or did their engagement dwindle over time? Has the usage of QR Codes led to more scans and more visits to the Marvel Unlimited website?

Fun fact: Disney announced that after the release of Moon Knight, Marvel’s landing page had more than 1.5 million visits. We think it’s safe to say that Marvel Studios and Disney Plus mutually benefited from employing QR Codes in Marvel shows.

Clues on how to discover a Marvel QR Code

It’s time to follow the treasure trail of square grids hidden in the fleeting scenes of these two fantastical Marvel series: Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. This is what you can expect: a cool intro about the superheroines, a sneaky tip-off about the location of the square grid, a spicy synopsis of the context from each episode, and finally, a dive into the unique QR Code use cases woven into these series. Care to dig in?

Meet Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan, once a wide-eyed Avengers-obsessed teenager, turns into a superheroine by adorning a mysterious bangle that had once belonged to her great-grandmother, Ayesha. 

The backdrop on which this story rests — her culture as a Pakistani-American, her religion as a Muslim, and her lineage —  propels the story forward, connecting reality, fantasy, and history in a marvelous (pun intended!) collision.

Ms. Marvel begins in a Pakistani home in New Jersey, where we see Kamala uploading her final video for her ten-part series featuring her favorite superhero, Captain Marvel. But when her mother, Muneeba, calls out her full name, we are taken out of her fantasy world and introduced to her other reality  — her family life. Which, we learn later on, is an integral part of this story.

While her obsession with superheroes is quickly dismissed by her family as a childish fantasy, Kamala’s engagement with that world paired with her lineage is the equation that initiates her superpowers.

4 use cases for QR Codes in Ms. Marvel

Where is the first QR Code in Ms. Marvel?

In Episode 1, Kamala’s brainy best friend, Bruno Carrelli, is putting the finishing touches on the Captain Marvel costume she will wear at AvengerCon. It’s easy to miss in this scene, but right behind Bruno is the first QR Code in Ms. Marvel, resting on an ATM in the background. Once scanned, watchful viewers are, in true Marvel fashion, digitally transported into the online Marvel comic book collection; in this case, Ms. Marvel #1, published in 2014 and written by G. Willow Wilson.

Use case #1: Cardless cash withdrawals

This first appearance of a QR Code isn’t too much of a stretch for how they are already being used. Some banks have already integrated QR Codes on their ATM screens so that customers can simply scan the Code for a cardless cash withdrawal.

Cardless withdrawals could naturally follow the upward trend in popularity of cash-free purchases due to the rise of mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, and Google Pay — not to mention contactless payments with QR Codes, which boomed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Imagine using smartphones to make cash withdrawals, or never needing to remember your ATM pin. This is already a growing possibility for technologically advanced banks catering to tech-savvy customers.

The second Ms. Marvel QR Code

With the highly anticipated release of Episode 2, Marvel fans await the reveal of Kamala’s newfound superpowers. The news about a superhero travels quickly throughout the school as students watch the popular TikTok influencer Zoe share a live video about her encounter with the mysterious superheroine.

As Kamala and Bruno walk through the corridors of the school building, they pass a poster outlining the school code of conduct and a Ms. Marvel QR Code pasted on the wall. Through this digital path, viewers can discover a free digital comic book to satiate their curiosities: Ms. Marvel #15.

The pop culture references in this scene couldn’t be more apparent: the students’ obsession with Zoe as a social media influencer, getting caught up in the latest viral TikTok video, and to top it off, a QR Code being commonplace in everyday life. These handy squares are showcasing another practical use case — an educational institution’s integration of tech. 

See this as a gentle nudge or the encouragement you need to introduce this intuitive software on anything from posters to bulletin boards. Whether you want to use QR Codes in the classroom or simply want a QR Code for educational assistance, there are a plethora of resources specially curated for teachers, students, and the like on our website.

The location of the QR Code in Ms. Marvel Episode 3

The more insight Kamala gains about the magical bracelet and her superpowers, the more she learns that her powers, although miraculous, may be risky or even dangerous. The Ms. Marvel QR Code in this scene appears almost halfway through the episode as she sends a text message to Kamaran, her new friend/love interest. This time, the obscure pixelated square links viewers to a more recent digital comic published in 2019: Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1.

Use case #3: Sharing digital information for work and play

It may seem like a “useless” square on the surface, pasted on the wall along with the other pictures. However, we happen to know that nothing is useless when it comes to QR Codes. 
The personal QR Code is popular among our users, inviting more creative uses that make digital information accessible for professional and personal use alike. From granting your visitors WiFi passwords with a WiFi QR Code or sharing your pop art with your friends by converting an image to QR Code, the creative possibilities are infinite.

The fourth Ms. Marvel QR Code

In the fourth episode of Ms. Marvel, Kamala and her mother are on their way to visit her grandmother, Samina Ahmed in Karachi, Pakistan. Kamala, determined on her quest, meets a photographer at one of the vendors who bargains with her about the best deal. She decides to pay him in exchange for giving her directions to the train station.

Along the frame of the photographer’s tourist trap, between the sign that reads “I heart Karachi” and the Pakistani flag, a QR Code is displayed on the frame. This is the fourth Ms. Marvel QR Code in the series so far, and it doesn’t disappoint. The Marvel fandom can now happily devour the next digital comic, Ms. Marvel #12.

Use case #4: QR Codes at marketplaces

Using a QR Code at a market stall is a smart move even for small businesses. Perhaps you can offer first-time customers leisurely strolling past your stall an exclusive discount with a Coupon QR Code, or offer an easy, secure payment option with an EPC QR Code for the customers without card or cash. For more ideas, check out our blog where we cover all things related to QR Codes at Farmers’ Markets.

Now that we’ve covered the rich tale and widespread use of the QR Codes in Ms. Marvel, let’s dive into She-Hulk.

Meet She-Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law opens with Jennifer Walters rehearsing her closing argument for a pending court case. Just before we (the audience) think this is just another Law & Order kind of show, she looks at the camera and introduces herself as the main character, She-Hulk. The faux documentary approach brings not only comedic relief, but sets the tone for the rest of the series. 

Jennifer explains her backstory and how she became She-Hulk with no time wasted. We quickly establish her relationship with Bruce Banner, the original Hulk, who also happens to be her cousin. The blasé relationship between humans and superheroes is normalized quite early on, setting the stage for the entire season. 

While they are on a family-bonding road trip, a spaceship appears out of nowhere. This causes Jennifer to take a sharp turn, launching the car off the road and flipping it into the air, falling dangerously onto the ground, upside down. She manages to get out of the car, but as she attempts to save Banner, blood from his head enters an open wound on her arm, triggering the transformation from woman to beast.

4 QR Code use cases in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

The first comic code appearance

Jennifer Walter wakes up in an unknown location and sneaks her way into a bar. On her way to the bathroom, she passes a poster with a sign that reads “Ladies’ Night” in cursive pink font with a QR Code below it.

The QR Code appears as a poster ad, but just like before, you can use it to get your hands on a free She-Hulk comic book: The Savage She-Hulk. Published in 1980 and written by Stan Lee, the comic tells the tale of the birth of She-Hulk, from damsel in distress to the mighty green She-Hulk.

Use case #1: QR Codes on flyers or posters

Zooming out of the Marvel Comic Universe, the QR Code on poster highlights a common use case for print advertising. With multiple solutions at your disposal, you can advertise an event, enabling scanners to RSVP on the spot with an Event QR Code, or simply offer more information about the event with a Dynamic URL QR Code.

Bars, clubs, and restaurants can create more interaction and rope in more customers when their ads have this call-to-action. Check out more ideas from our guide, QR Codes for restaurants and bars, to drive more engagement with your customers.

The second spotted comic code in She-Hulk

In Episode 2, unemployed Jennifer Walters deals with the consequences of turning into She-Hulk in the middle of a trial. Deemed unemployable by every law firm, she searches for an alternative route, and ends up stumbling upon a wacky listicle with the first job title as a “Swiss Village Mascot”. Suffice it to say, Walters is losing hope.

Right next to the title of the article, a Marvel QR Code makes an appearance. When scanned, eager viewers can begin catching up on 23 enthralling pages of the 2007 release of She-Hulk’s first issue: She-Hulk #1.

Use case #2: QR Codes on web pages

The employment of QR Codes on websites can enable reading information on the go. If a user stumbles upon an article on your website and wants to continue reading it on their smartphone, scanning the Code is a fast way of transporting information that they can read when they are away from the computer.

But don’t stop there! Bloggers can make their articles instantly shareable by adding QR Codes on web banners. From sharing links to audio, and images to video, you can integrate many solutions on your website to ensure that your digital content is always accessible on smartphones or tablets. Need we say more?

The third Marvel QR Code

In Episode 3, Dennis Bukowski is filing a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend who he’s spent over $175,000 on. He blindly thought he was dating a superstar called Megan Thee Stallion, only to find out that he had been catfished by a shape-shifting Light Elf called Runa.

As the lawyer Augustus Pug works on the case gauging how much money Bukowski spent on his ex-girlfriend, he unearths video footage of Runa publicly admitting that she’s not really who she says she is.

Although the focal point of this scene is the video itself, right below the frame is a square grid, ready to be scanned with yet another She-Hulk comic up for grabs. This time, readers are introduced to the next comic, The Savage She-Hulk: Deathrace!

Use case #3: QR Codes on video applications

This square grid’s appearance is particularly unique. The fictional video application “YouScreen” introduces an idea that could be used on video applications or social media platforms in the future. If YouTube had this feature, video content could be shared from laptops to smartphones within seconds, or any other digital content for that matter.

Can you imagine how you could share other videos through a scan on YouTube? A Video QR Code would do the trick, and you could share multiple videos with one code! If fiction has shown us anything, it could indeed foreshadow more ubiquitous use cases in the future. Check out our blog post on how the metaverse QR Code has the potential to open up a vast digital universe.

The fourth comic code in She-Hulk

Episode 4 sets the scene of Jennifer Walters’ singledom as she sets up her online dating profile. She creates a profile on the “matcher” website, listing her preferences, interests, and profile picture. You could almost miss the tiny camouflaged orange square that takes you to a 1986 She-Hulk classic: Avengers Westcoast.

Use case #4: QR Codes on dating apps or sites

Could pixelated squares be the portal to other social networks on dating websites or apps? This is a brilliant idea up for grabs that could lead to more avid use of QR Codes in our personal lives, too.

Moreover, this idea could be applied to other applications, besides ones for dating, where one profile could share all of your profiles at the same time. This isn’t impossible, considering the Social Media QR Code shares all accounts with one Code. Convenient? We think so!

All in all, these Marvel QR Code appearances in She-Hulk show us that more creative uses of the square grid can be invented and reinvented. Interestingly, three out of the four appearances are displayed on digital screens, bringing forth new ideas for integrating them.

Final thoughts

The genius implementation of hiding a Marvel QR Code in the series brings something fresh to the streaming subscription service table. Not only are they interactive digital channels transporting us to a digital library, they also connect us to an age-old practice with a splash of innovation: reading digital comic books.

Something that has caught our attention is how seamlessly the pixelated squares blend into scenes, how they almost go unnoticed. The common usage demonstrates how they’re a part of our lives now, and in short, part of pop culture. Marvel’s unprecedented infusion of QR Codes has introduced a novel way of enriching the storylines of comic books while keeping its audience blissfully engaged.

Robyn Albertyn

Robyn Albertyn is a content writer for Bitly from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s previously written about preventative health and wellness, and specializes in creative writing and copywriting. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hiking up majestic mountains, or discovering the best coffee hotspots in her city. Feel free to say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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