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Powerful Ways of Using a Football QR Code for Football Teams

Want to create more hype around your football game? Get your fans invested in the game with QR Codes!

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Launching AR Experiences With an Augmented Reality QR Code

Ready to take the user experience to the next dimension? QR Codes and augmented reality are the keys!

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How to Find a Marvel QR Code in Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is playing hide-and-seek. Follow the trail of QR Codes to unlock a digital comic universe!

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QR Code Usage by Country: Use-Cases Around the World

Are QR Codes really that popular around the world? Get inspired by how different countries are using them.

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The Message Behind Each Hidden QR Code in Moon Knight

What’s the secret behind the hidden QR Codes in the new Marvel series, Moon Knight? Dive in to find out more!

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4 Show-Stopping Moments When QR Code Drones Took Flight

Want to dance with the stars? Paint the sky with QR Code drones and experience an eruption of QR Code scans.

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How QR Codes in Pop Culture Influence Society

What is it about QR Codes that is stimulating such a provoking global conversation? Find out about the influence QR Codes have on pop culture.

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QR Codes in 2022: A Forecast of What’s to Come

Curious if QR Codes are sticking around? Spoiler alert: they are! Take a peek at the forecast of QR Codes in 2022.

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How QR Codes Could Make Their Mark in the Metaverse

The tech world is on the brink of drastic change. The metaverse gives us a glimpse of what's to come — and QR Codes aren’t going anywhere.

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13 QR Code Trends Shaping Marketing in 2021

How are QR Codes shaping the marketing world in 2021? Our guest blogger fills you in with the year's biggest QR Code trends!

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