مؤسسة التوريدات العربية للطاقة

The Foundation relies on its standard specifications for the extensions of the central gas networks and the extension of lines and gas pipelines in accordance with the Authority Saudi specifications and standards requirements, as well as in line with the civil defense requirements and gas company and civil manufacturing, these include specifications of materials used extensions of spare parts and accessories for continuous personnel responsible for exercises Installation of the central gas networks in the facility continuously to reach the maximum degrees of mother The service to be provided in conformity with the standards and specifications, and Saudi Arabia are not available rely on US standards applied globally. It also has a team specialized in detecting gas leaks and repairing gas smuggling in modern scientific and technological ways.


We strive to serve the consumer by providing the best types of LPG tanks and cylinders
Supplying gas, supplies, spare parts and safety devices with the highest efficiency and quality to provide safe use.


To be a leading company in the western region by providing the highest standards and standards of global gas quality.

The Foundation is distinguished

Provide extensions of the gas layer second insulating pipes where they are placed cracks walls before plaster and when needed to change the gas, the lines need change to break the walls or floor Aolhawwah where the installation of pipes Aalstals sixty-free process introduced by piped insulation composite already entered these pipes.

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